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This book is the first resource to pull together almost everything emergency responders need to know about radiation incidents while waiting for assistance from subject matter experts.

FAQ - Radiation Pocket Guide

How does this book compare with the radiation chapters in your other hazmat field guides?

This book was designed to cover the topic more thoroughly than either The First Responder's Field Guide to Hazmat & Terrorism Emergency Response or Hazardous Materials & WMDs: A Field Guide for Awareness Level Personnel.

What is the scope of the book? How thorough is it?

The book covers most of the radiation-related first responder competencies outlined in NFPA 472. Other resources may go into greater detail on specific topics, such as health effects of radiation exposure or packaging construction and testing. However, this is the only resource that pulls together a solid foundation of what responders need to know most.

How detailed is the information on radiation monitoring?

The monitoring chapter was designed to briefly cover the basic principles that apply regardless of what monitoring equipment readers may have. It is not intended to replace manufacturers' instructions, department SOPs, or formal training.

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